Jacob Ando


Jacob is worldly in thought, education, fashion and experiences. He brings his global perspective to the Nichols Strategies team every day.

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Jacob has graced fashion runways and billboards across the globe, earned his B.A. in Spain, taught English in Barcelona, and studied in Czechia and Australia. He brings his global perspective and experience in Nonviolent Communication to listen, engage and understand school district communities and superintendents throughout the country to craft communication plans and strategies.

Jacob’s work experience spans the private, nonprofit and political realms. 

Before he joined Nichols Strategies, Jacob assisted several New York- and Washington D.C.-based organizations raise funds and increase their brand awareness with communications and public relations campaigns.

When Jacob is not assisting superintendents and school districts, he can be found exploring new places in Central and South America. He enjoys a good charcuterie board or food in general. He believes food tells the story of history and culture, magic that both brings people together and transports us to other worlds. 

Jacob currently resides in Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

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Why Public Education

Education is the foundation of our society and enables socioeconomic mobility. Number four of the sustainable development goals set forth by the United Nations, it is imperative we provide communication services focused on community engagement to ensure not only the future of students, but our greater society.

Jacob Ando

Public School Flashback

Public school had many challenges, growing up queer in Montana, and why I know visibility and equity are important for youth. Once I established a great group of friends and was able to be my authentic self, I was able to develop better relationships. I want to ensure that every kid has the same opportunity to build community. My highlight was going to my senior prom and my buddy’s senior prom (at the rival high school) with him as a date. It was liberating to show up as a queer person and have a great night with my friends.