Meeting in the Middle

When labor disputes arise, it takes skill to seek common ground to avert a crisis affecting the classroom.

Collective bargaining in public education hinges on the ability to use two-way communication techniques and tactics to resolve differences with labor unions, align shared needs and objectives, infuse accuracy over rhetoric into the negotiating process, and successfully craft a mutually acceptable labor contract. Our goal as a firm is to deploy our extensive experience and expertise developed over the past five decades as a valued-added tool for the management bargaining team.

Thumbs up, thumbs down
The Solution

We create strategies and implement awareness building campaigns with internal and external constituencies to counter union disinformation campaigns, disruptive union organizing tactics, and set the record straight on the issues under debate. We tailor our responses to each district’s unique needs to meet the moment.

The Results

“Communication, Not Confrontation” is our mission in supporting school leadership teams with planning, training, and proven professional assistance to impact positive labor relations. We have successfully helped hundreds of school districts across the country navigate contentious negotiations, impasse situations, and strikes.

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