We handle the details while you focus on the bold vision.

You already have problem-solvers on your team. We’re here to help you focus on your issue through strategic communication and engagement efforts in nine key areas so that you can meet your mission for students.

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Public Engagement

Listening is the foundation of any successful public engagement. And our bespoke team is adept at prioritizing listening and research to create tailored communications plans that reach all your school district stakeholders.

Public Engagement Case Studies

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Coaching, Team Building & Advising

Successful school district leadership requires effective communication. As the Superintendent, you are your district’s lead communicator. Our bespoke approach identifies your communication style and creates a coaching plan that matches your strengths and builds on your challenges. We offer weekly sessions to provide thought leadership and training to ensure that you effectively utilize communication strategies to meet your goals and objectives.

Coaching, Teambuilding & Advising Case Studies

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Strategic Communication & Marketing Planning

Successful strategies and planning need thorough research, which is why our bespoke approach is grounded in the public relations 4-Step Process. When our team tackles your district’s most vexing challenges, we will apply research, planning, implementation, and evaluation to every public relations plan.

Strategic Communication & Marketing Planning Case Studies

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NS Full-Service Approach

Our tailored full-service approach is based on decades of collective experience where we have seen and done all things public relations. Our bespoke team utilizes its versatility to provide a cascading system of communication and public relations support from temporary everyday communication functions to help you find your next school district communicator.

NS Full-Service Approach Case Studies

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Collective Bargaining Communications

Healthy school district-employee group relationships require an effective communications and public relations program. Our bespoke team relies on its public engagement experience and expertise crafting key messages, facts sheets, and FAQs to help your District navigate successful labor negotiations.

Collective Bargaining Communication Case Studies

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Communicator Talent Search

Finding the right communicator to lead your communications team is a key decision for any school district superintendent. Our bespoke team can lead your search using our experience as both school district and county communications directors and our propriety 8-step process tailored to help you find the right candidate.

Communicator Talent Search Case Studies

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Crisis Communication

Our bespoke team knows the difference between a crisis, problem, and bad day and has the expertise and experience to handle any public relations challenge your district faces. We’ve counseled superintendents across the country and provided tailored communications strategies, plans, training, and actions to ensure your team is ready when high-profile situations arise. We’re just a phone call away to support you in your hour of need.

Crisis Communication Case Studies


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Monitoring & Evaluating

The research is done. The planning is complete. And the implementation ended. But the work is not finished. It’s just beginning. Our bespoke team knows that successful communications strategies and plans are only as good as their evaluation. So when we design your school district’s communications strategy, we always include an evaluation and monitoring component so you can see what worked and why.

Monitoring & Evaluating Case Studies

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Creative Services

We don’t just produce bespoke award-winning communications strategies and plans. We know how to get our hands dirty. Whether you need a video sharing your district’s story or a new microsite webpage design complete with ADA-compliant photos and graphics, our team at Nichols Strategies has you covered.

Creative Services Case Studies