Areas of Expertise


Public Engagement

Creating a sustainable engagement strategy is vital to the success of any communications plan. With a focus on listening and research, we work with your team to create key communicator networks, public forums, outreach calendars, community partners, and more.

Coaching, Team Building & Advising

The key to leadership is strong communication and trust with your team. Whether you are a veteran or new to your position as a school trustee, superintendent, principal, administrator or organization leader, improving your communication can have a direct impact on your goals and objectives. Through trainings and interaction, we can identify the types of communication skills you would like to improve—i.e. personal communications, written, verbal, non-verbal, conflict resolution.

Strategic Communication & Marketing Planning

We must first understand the problem before we can begin addressing the solution. Through communication audits, needs assessments, and baseline data, we can provide detailed counsel to leadership and begin to develop measurable goals and objectives.

NS Full-Service Approach

Do you need support while someone is on medical leave, during a long-term vacancy or find that your district is just not ready or large enough to hire a full-time person at this time? Nichols Strategies will serve as your agency’s primary spokesperson to develop an effective, bespoke public relations program. The full-service approach will deliver unparalleled results as the Nichols Strategies team supports the Superintendent and district in planning and execution of communication, and cascading of system and regional messaging to internal and external audiences.

Collective Bargaining Communications

Whether it’s developing key messages and communication strategies, or creating collateral, such as fact sheets, FAQs, and briefing materials, we are invested in a successful labor negotiation for you and your team.

Communicator Talent Search

One of the essential responsibilities of a Superintendent is the selection of a communication professional. Nichols Strategies designs a system-specific method to assist Superintendents in the search for an ideal district communicator. Relying on the expertise and experience of former county and school district communicators, Nichols Strategies provides a proprietary eight-step process to ensure the right candidate is selected to join your team.

Crisis Communication

No one knows when a crisis will emerge, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. We will work with your team to develop action-based emergency plans with a focus on internal and external communication during emergencies, as well as trainings to ensure your staff is ready when needed.

Monitoring and Evaluating

The most important step of any plan is evaluating whether or not it is working. Were your objectives met? Was there an incremental change after the implementation of strategies? Through surveys, publication review, and documenting of baseline data, we provide the results that show the success of your communication efforts.