Lights, Camera, Action: Magnet School Takes Center Stage

P.S. 116 recognized the need for a promotional video to promote the new magnet school program, Leadership through Multimedia and the Arts. However, lacking the resources and expertise to create it. The school’s motto, CARES: Creative, Ambitious, Resilient, Empowered, Stewards of the Future, needed to be at the heart of this video.

The Solution

Nichols Strategies played a pivotal role in facilitating conversations with P.S. 116 to deeply understand their intentions and needs for the promotional video. Our videography team assisted for a two-day recording session capturing the essence of the LMA program and CARES ethos. Our process provides and ensures an effective framework for the work to be organized and executed professionally.

The Results

The result was a compelling promotional video that left both the school and the broader district thoroughly impressed requesting additional support on future projects. By closely collaborating with P.S. 116 and placing the CARES motto at the forefront, we were able to capture the spirit of the new program and showcase the school in an engaging and visually impressive way.