Driving the Narrative:

How the Park City School District reclaimed its story and used its own channels to share with its community.

Park City School District (PCSD) had the correct people to produce communications; however, the District needed a cohesive plan and structure to effectively share its own story.

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The Solution

Nichols Strategies listened closely to PCSD’s unique challenges and provided tailored coaching and advising on implementing a comprehensive communications program. The program analyzed PCSD’s current communication channels and practices to develop and implement a strategy that re-engaged the community, partners, and media and allowed the District to own and share its narrative.

The Results

The collaboration led to PCSD taking ownership of its strategy to communicate with stakeholders by shining a spotlight on students. In the effort to “over communicate,” they realized their actions might have been overwhelming, leading to viewing the work through a strategic lens to enhance connection with families, staff, and media partners.


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