Brand New Start:

How a single school district deals with growing enrollment and space constraints.

San Benito High School District shared branding with its high school as a single high school district. Due to overcrowding in the school and growth in the region, the district began to explore expanding to a second high school and wanted to create its own visual identity.

San Benito High School District logo
The Solution

Nichols Strategies created a logo that reflected the movement of the district to showcase it as a dynamic, growing school system. Through the use of color psychology, we subconsciously communicate the values of the district and communicate an even deeper
meaning than the form of the logo alone.

The Results

Mockup of SBHSD business cardThe San Benito High School District positioned itself to differentiate from the current high school and begin showing the community its current situation and need for a second school to accommodate the increasing student population. Additional collateral, like business cards, was created to showcase the new logo.


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