Enrollment Crisis?

How Nichols Strategies helped one district use data to shift its enrollment strategy.

The district believed it faced enrollment issues and needed professional development for its newly formed key communicators. The ad hoc team wanted a communication plan and wrap-around support to get started.

Wasco Elementary Union School District logo
The Solution

NS did extensive research on the district to determine the best course of action. After reviewing the data, we discovered the district should expect an increase in birth rates and pivoted the work to an engagement strategy. We assisted the district to develop an updated logo and brand kit for cohesive and elevated storytelling.

NS provided communication training, including elements of our public relations training modules, newsletter platform training, social media, Canva, and photography. The training was essential to help them effectively utilize the community engagement plan provided and will support their work moving forward, pointing stakeholders to the #WascoWay.

The Results

Through group training, Wasco Elementary Union School District employees developed the necessary skills to use communication tools to support their engagement efforts. A key function of training was to develop a calendar and cadence of work. From photography to graphic design, the team members could effectively create work products for publication and continuation of the communication plan.


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