Communication Strategies that Help Boost Enrollment

Strong enrollment rates are critical to the continued success of any school district! With school enrollment dates soon approaching, a savvy communication strategy is a key component to a high enrollment rate. 

Elevate your district’s enrollment communication with the following ways:

Strong Data

Determining what data is relevant for your district is an important step.

Reviewing student demographics, in-person class statistics, diversity, and teacher evaluation information and ensuring it is accurate and up to date is a good place to start. Look at the use of data as the foundation to paint the picture for your school district, showing prospective families how great their experience will be. Data is a great tool to create a customized experience for each student, showing them the opportunities that lie ahead at your schools. 

Leveraging Communication Platforms 

Ensure that your messages to families aren’t lost by making the best use of all communication platforms. The website is the homebase, so a strong page dedicated to enrollment is crucial to garnering high enrollment rates. Ensure your district’s social media presence remains consistent, expanding your online footprint and increasing parental trust with a savvy social media teammate’s direction. 

Utilize Testimonials & Reviews 

According to Big Commerce, 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and reviews as much as recommendations from friends or family. Tap into your parent network for favorable reviews and stories to highlight why families would thrive in your school district. Showcase the student perspective as well with video testimonials to paint a picture of the experience for a prospective student.

Mobile First Approach 

For busy families on the go, steps to enroll their student should be simple and easy to navigate on a cell phone. Optimize web content by ensuring all landing pages, forms, emails, and digital ads load quickly and translate seamlessly on mobile devices. 

Prioritize Lead Nurturing

The more leads you have, the better! Create a database of prospective interest, and curate individually tailored email marketing campaigns using lead generation software to turn leads into enrollments. Following up with leads using automated email or text to continue the relationship.

In need of more direction to elevate your district’s enrollment communication strategy? We are here to take your goals to the next level!