Elevating Employee Recruitment Strategy in Your District

With staffing shortages facing school districts across the country, employee recruitment is a more vital tool than ever before. Fifty-five percent of educators plan to leave the field early according to the source “we are teachers”, making employee recruitment a top priority for school leaders. Is your district currently using video in your employee recruitment strategy? Candidate application rates increase by thirty four percent when a job post includes a video!


Increase your district’s job candidate pool using video to elevate your strategy with the following employee recruitment video ideas: 


  • Showcase many roles and viewpoints- Clear Creek ISD in Texas entices job searches to “Join Our Team,” and with multiple videos from its teachers, substitutes, bus drivers, maintenance staff, and more, the videos bring an authenticity to their district that couldn’t be communicated as strongly with just text. The district takes their branding to the next level with strong and consistent branding color palettes. 
  • Highlighting “why”- Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Teach at Marion County School does a creative job of highlighting the benefits of working there, from a variety of angles and positions. Showcasing the benefits demonstrates that your district cares about the needs of their staff, and helps to draw in more prospects. 
  • Evoke emotion through storytelling-Why I Stay in Chester County-A Teacher’s Voice uses the art of storytelling and touching emotion by highlighting a dedicated and longstanding teacher’s story. Tapping into emotion will help connect with your audience in a meaningful way. 
  • Highlighting Team and Community-What Teacher Support Looks Like at Gainesville ISD highlights the community and team aspect of their employment opportunities. The video showcases many ways that they have benefited from support collectively as a team. It is important for prospective teachers and staff to know that they have a strong community that will support them through the challenges they may face in education. 
  • Showcase award winning employees- Whether it’s a Gold Apple award-winning teacher or a decorated classified employee, highlighting award winners shows you appreciate your staff’s dedication and talent. Additionally, award-winning employees likely have strong passion for what they do, making them a great persuasive source when making a case for why someone should join your school district. 


Now that you know the elements of what makes a strong employee recruitment video, consider who your district should showcase. Need help putting together a professional employee recruitment video that draws talent in? Nichols Strategies has helped many districts when it comes to video production-we are only one email or call away!