Highlighting your District: American Education Week

As Thanksgiving approaches, so does American Education Week, observed Nov. 13-17th. Each day of the week has a different theme to honor the hard work of those who run public schools, shining a spotlight on the teachers, classroom professionals, cafeteria staff and other educators that make an impact in students’ lives. As a leader in education, this is your opportunity to showcase your district’s talent, not only showing appreciation to staff but also promoting what makes your district special to the community. 


In need of ideas? Try out the below to make the most of American Education Week.


Monday, Nov. 13: Kickoff Day


Lead your team in generating press to shed light on the great work of your district. Send a press release to local media outlets with highlights of your district, encouraging them to feature your schools in an editorial for American Education Week. 


Tuesday, Nov. 14: Family Day


Family Day is an opportunity for schools to invite parents into classes to experience an average school day from the view of a student. Use family day as a chance to take great content to promote unity between parents and community and schools. 


Wednesday, Nov. 15: Education Support Professionals Day


Spotlight the contributions of support staff by featuring them across your communication platforms. Have your communications team set up interviews with support staff and create content that highlights factors like what they enjoy most about their job or their personal journey into education. For social media platforms, get creative with your content, using #WeLoveOurESPs to amplify your reach. 


Thursday, Nov. 16: Educator for a Day


Have students dress for their ideal career and share what that role does in the community. Take this opportunity to take videos and photos of students in action, supporting scholars in their career goals. 


Friday, Nov. 17: Substitute Educators Day


As a nation in shortage of substitute teachers, substitute appreciation is more important than ever. Give your substitute teachers a voice by featuring them on your communication platforms, highlighting the work they do with students. Showing appreciation can help in your efforts to attract more substitutes and have current ones returning.