Melissa Burgoon

Executive Assistant

Melissa is savvy at balancing logistics, appearance, structure and timeliness to keep the Nichols Strategies team running. She has an eye for aesthetics, and it shows in how she ensures clients experience everything from the introductory meeting to the final thank-you outing.

NS Bespoke

Bespoke Style


Melissa spent six years running a successful salon and boutique focused on client and customer experience. She has a keen understanding of design and fashion and is just as skilled in navigating the numbers and finance aspects of the business side.

She has B.S. in Apparel Design and Marking with a concentration in Merchandising from California State University, San Francisco State. 

When Melissa is not managing the business side of Nichols Strategies, she can be found indulging in several guilty pleasures including creating creative fun birthday experiences for her daughters. Melissa also has a weakness for ice cream particularly Reese’s peanut butter cups and peanut butter and chocolate flavors from Baskins Robbins.

She resides in Carmichael, California with her husband and two-school aged children.

Melissa Burgoon

Public School Flashback

 One of my favorite memories from my time in public school was being awarded the Citizenship Award at my 8th-grade promotion in front of all my peers and their families. Middle school can be a really tumultuous time for kids, and it most certainly was for me, but the fact that my teachers and fellow student body recognized my leadership abilities during such a turbulent time in a young teen’s life gave me an extra boost of confidence walking into my high school years, and subsequently my college career and professional and personal life.