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Nikki might be the best on the team at seamlessly blending finance, fashion, social media, communications and story-telling. One of her strongest qualities is the ability to adapt to any situation and then quickly explain it to a large audience.

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She has experience writing for business, finance and fashion. Nikki consistently drove traffic to the Black Professionals Network blog with insightful and entertaining stories about the people and programs in the business world.

Nikki also took her expertise in business and finance and her passion for fashion and created the Fashionista in Finance blog. Fashionista in Finance is her take on the upscale events and happenings in and around the Miami area.

She is a graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in Journalism.

When Nikki is not writing about business, finance, or fashion, you can find her court-side for the Miami Heat, cultivating a one-of-a-kind experience for the Heat’s VIP clients.

She is an active volunteer with several nonprofits.

Nikki resides in Miami, Florida. 

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Why Public Education

My community and non-profit involvement combined with my love for telling stories drove me to PR in the public education field. As the daughter of a social worker, the importance of education and the needs of children, especially the most vulnerable, has always been of great importance to me.

Nikki Svec

Public School Flashback

Serving as an officer of the debate team throughout high school was one of my fondest memories. I loved the process of researching debate topics, selecting the most debatable topics, and constructing my case to present in front of my peers and other judges.