Using Canva to the Max: Creating Videos in Canva

Canva is a top resource when it comes to daily content creation needs and making graphics on the fly. Canva’s lesser known video feature takes content creation to the next level! In this increasingly digital world, videos are a prevalent source for information. According to Wyzowl, 91% of consumers would like to see more video content from brands. So when it comes to elevating your district’s narrative, Canva for video can be used to amplify messaging to the community. Whether it’s Instagram stories, superintendent messages, presentations or other forms of social media content, take content creation to the next level with Canva Video!


Nichols Strategies team members Jacob Ando and Nikki Svec presented on how to use Canva for video at the California School Public Relations Association. They presented in the main ballroom, highlighting tips and tricks while doing live demonstrations for the audience. From IG stories and reels, to storyboarding and voiceovers, check out the below for more on elevating use of Canva for video. 

IG Stories/Reels:

When it comes to laying out the framework for your project, Canva has templates for a variety of types of video content .The templates for Instagram make it easy to create stories and reels that incorporate video and graphic elements. After you choose the template you like, you can either upload your own video or use a video from their selection that reflects the message you want to get across. Uploading your logo gives it the additional branded touch to elevate your content. Implementing elements like text and music help take it to the next level. See a sample of an Instagram story made with Canva below. 



Utilize one of Canva’s many storyboard templates to map out an outline of your video. The process of storyboarding includes sketching out how to organize a story and its list of contents. This will help you plan out the sequence of your story, what b-roll shots you need, as well as the resources and time frame.

Recording Feature:

The recording feature in canva can be a great way to narrate the message you want to tell. Perhaps you want to record a message from your superintendent. After you create the slides you want to be the background for your video, write your script in the notes section of the slide deck. Then, hit record video in the Uploads tab on the left side to get started on recording. The notes will pop up on the side acting as a teleprompter, and once you hit record, you are all set. Save and exit to save your recording, and have it pop up in your presentation. Press edit video, remove video background to remove your background setting from the recording.  


Voiceover Tips:

To avoid a monotone voice, record your voiceover while standing, using your hands to add emphasis as you speak. This tends to add energy to your delivery. Keeping factors like volume, rhythm, pitch, and tempo in mind will aid you in emphasizing your keywords, doing so at a steady pace. Often, we tend to rush when we are nervous so be mindful of your pace, slowing it down to articulate the message concisely. 


Need more direction in using video to take your communication strategy to the next level? Reach out to our team to get started!