Bespoke Insights: NOLA-PS

NOLA Public Schools Superintendent Avis Williams isn’t too shy to lead the narrative when it comes to sharing the story of her school district. Once upon a time, she herself was a painfully shy student, whose passion for teaching propelled her into the realm of education. As a result of speaking in front of classrooms as a teacher, Williams gained the public speaking acuity to accelerate as a leader in education, becoming the first female superintendent representing the City of New Orleans. 

Williams encourages superintendents who may be shy to overcome fears of public speaking saying  that, “it’s important to hone in on those skills because there’s so many opportunities for us to lead the narrative in terms of telling our story for our school district.”

If you are afraid of public speaking, especially post-pandemic, you are not alone as 73% of the population is affected according to the National Mental Health Institute. 

When it comes to overcoming any crisis communication anxieties throughout the proceeding school year, keep Nichols Strategies in mind. 

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