It Takes a Village: Tackling Rising Childhood Obesity

Nutrition serves as the building blocks of a solid foundation, making the issue of childhood obesity, highlighted during the month of September, increasingly important to educators. Impacting one in six youth according to the National Children’s Health Survey, obesity disproportionately affects minorities as well as low-income students.  

Remaining innovative in solutions by collaborating with community partners like South Florida-based non-profit Eatwell Exchange can result in diverse and culturally relevant solutions to cracking down on childhood obesity. Founded by registered dietician Ashley Carter, the Eatwell Exchange has helped thousands of students, educators, policymakers, and families nationally to cultivate new ways to integrate nutrition into their lifestyles. When was the last time you assessed the way you engage with community partners to amplify nutrition in your district?


Have a conversation with your team to reflect on the effectiveness of your nutrition education and the way you communicate that within your schools!