Photography 101: Capturing Your District’s Story

We all know the power of photography and the importance of telling the district’s story. What image comes to mind when you think of your schools? We have a few tips to help! #photography As communicators, we must be able to tell the school districts’ stories as effectively as possible. Here are a few photography […] Read More →

It Takes a Village: Tackling Rising Childhood Obesity

Nutrition serves as the building blocks of a solid foundation, making the issue of childhood obesity, highlighted during the month of September, increasingly important to educators. Impacting one in six youth according to the National Children’s Health Survey, obesity disproportionately affects minorities as well as low-income students.   Remaining innovative in solutions by collaborating with community […] Read More →

Beating them to the Chase in a Crisis

When found in the center of controversial claims, sometimes, beating your accusers to the punch can mitigate the consequences. Known as the “stealing thunder” technique, this crisis communication strategy involves revealing the negative facts/information about yourself or a situation before it is mentioned by the opponent or other individuals.  According to Science Direct, “Stealing thunder […] Read More →

The Essential 10: Photos Every District Needs

Photos are your school district website’s best friend because, done well, they brighten up any page and allow you to bring your district’s story to life. In an era dominated by photo and video-driven social media, photos can be the difference between winning or losing the 7-Second Rule – the amount of time to capture […] Read More →

TikTok it to the Top: A Tale of One Superintendent’s Social Media Success

Georgeanne Warnock jumped on TikTok as a way to troll her four school-age sons, which grew into an opportunity to influence her educational peers on TikTok. Georgeanne, superintendent of Terrell Independent School District, joined TikTok as an entertaining way to keep up with her teenagers, a demographic that spends an average of 75 minutes per […] Read More →

Back to School Blues? Beat It…With a Plan!

From filling in at the last minute as a substitute teacher, to navigating ever changing Covid regulations, superintendents are approaching the 2022 school year balancing more roles than ever. The tool needed in every school district leader’s back pocket to avoid constant crisis communication management and beat any back to school blues? Proactive communications strategies […] Read More →