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You, Me, I, or We? Finding Your Voice

Education leaders are responsible for a variety of messages. Some messages are straightforward and businesslike, while others require more nuance. But a key part of how we set the tone comes from how we address our audience.

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Introducing Superintendent-In-Residence Dr. Michele Bowers

What better way to support the needs of superintendents than with the wisdom of an in-house, seasoned former superintendent? Nichols Strategies is proud to announce partnership with Superintendent-In-Residence, Dr. Michele Bowers, a leader in education with a 30-year track record of leadership, innovation, and equity under her belt. A trailblazer by nature, Bowers has the […]

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Intentional Impressions

Glenn Robbins knows you only get one chance to make a first impression. So he checks his ego at the door and confidently walks into the room in his version of a power suit. That’s why people notice. Whether it’s an Elf on the Shelf suit, a leprechaun mascot suit, a patterned camouflage dress suit, […]

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