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Unraveling the Logo Design Paradox: A Guide to Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

  In the digital era, a school’s logo is more than just a symbol – it’s an identifier, inspires unity, communicates core values, and an emblem of professionalism. As district leaders, it’s your duty to ensure that your logo accurately reflects your institution’s values and is protected.   But creating a logo can be akin […]

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Newsletter 101: Best Practices

When it comes to updating the community on all things school news, your newsletter is one of the main sources of information. While you want your audience to remain informed, overloading your newsletter with a heavy amount of text or too many images can be distracting. Balance is key! Ensure the messaging of your newsletter […]

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Five Things Every Magnet School Promotion Must Have

You’re a Superintendent with magnet schools. We know that the specialized programs and curriculum attract a diverse group of students and should be celebrated within the district. Since the purpose of a magnet school is to attract students, what steps are your district (or magnet school) taking to ensure that the message of a magnet […]

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