The Essential 10: Photos Every District Needs

Photos are your school district website’s best friend because, done well, they brighten up any page and allow you to bring your district’s story to life.

In an era dominated by photo and video-driven social media, photos can be the difference between winning or losing the 7-Second Rule – the amount of time to capture your audience’s attention.

Still with us?

Great photos can help your district attract potential employees and encourage prospective families to enroll their students. But there is a catch.

Remember, we said photos done right. Your audience needs photos that are in focus and show your people doing things.

With many of you welcoming back your families and staff for the start of the 2022-2023 school year, this is a perfect time to equip your website with photos that show who you are.

Here is an evergreen/essential photo list that you, as the superintendent, should make sure are on your website:

  1. Young students interacting in the classroom
  2. Relationship photos with students of all ages and teachers and/or administrators working together
  3. Nutrition photos – students eating breakfast and lunch
  4. Transportation – whatever way a majority of your students get to school (bus, walk, bike, etc.)
  5. Graduation photos
  6. Students’ art and students doing art
  7. Student music photo (third-grade music, band, choir, winter concerts, etc.)
  8. Special Programs: Do you have an International Baccalaureate Program, Robotics, or STEAM? Show us!
  9. Your district’s diversity (age, gender, students, staff, abilities)
  10. Support staff interacting with each other and students

A good stock of photos from the list above not only helps show your district’s mission, vision, and values but also serves as a great source to use for communication collateral. Whether it is creating Board presentations, enrollment and other campaigns, messages to families, or a great photo carousel on the website, the photos from the list above will come in handy for those occasions.

The beauty of the “right” photos is that today’s cell phones have a high-powered camera that allows users to capture your district’s stories. 

If you have questions or need help building a great website that shows who you are rather than tells who you are, give us a call.