TikTok it to the Top: A Tale of One Superintendent’s Social Media Success

Georgeanne Warnock jumped on TikTok as a way to troll her four school-age sons, which grew into an opportunity to influence her educational peers on TikTok.

Georgeanne, superintendent of Terrell Independent School District, joined TikTok as an entertaining way to keep up with her teenagers, a demographic that spends an average of 75 minutes per day on TikTok according to Influencer Marketing Hub. As the Texas superintendent began her foray into TikTok (handle @subbingsupt), she soon realized it was a growing educational space for parents and teachers, not just teens. Warnock was inspired after coming across ‘Teacher’s of TikTok”, where lesson plans and laughs in the classroom were shared. Concerns about the state of public education lead the superintendent to use TikTok as a platform to address the issues. 

Questions on the community’s mind like “What mental health resources do the schools have?” are individually addressed by video on Warnock’s TikTok platform. From her home or in her car, she is able to drive authentic conversations and provide answers to the community quickly and transparently, amplifying her innovative and effective communication approach as a leader. From first hand highlights of the classroom, to bringing awareness to schoolroom issues, Terrell ISD’s superintendent drives positivity and hope in a time of uncertainty.

“It’s been a space to connect with educators across the country, to connect with parents. And really it has been invaluable learning for me,” said Warnock. Contrary to the notion that TikTok is just for teens, she soon came to find that the app was rapidly growing in popularity among parents and teachers within the 24 to 45 year-old-range. According to the BBC, 3.9 million consumers use TikTok as a news source, making it a valuable platform for educators to tap into.  

“Observing is a great way to start. Don’t be afraid to join the conversation,” said Warnock. “The beauty of social media is that we can connect with people all over the country and world and share ideas.” 

As a result of breaking into new territory, the benefits of hopping on TikTok have enabled positive outcomes for Warnock. The platform has enabled her to unite with leaders in education across the country by providing mentorship opportunities, projects to increase library donations and the development of podcasts. 

Don’t leave TikTok solely to the teens…break into new communication strategies! Use superintendent Georgeanne Warnock’s advice:

  • Observe social media influencers in the education space to learn, following hashtags like #TeachersofTikTok.
  •  Join the conversation! Start small & go from there. You never know how big your social media influence will grow to be!


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